Hidden Gems of Santorini

The wineries of Finikia

A stone’s throw from cosmopolitan Oia, you will discover the multicoloured settlement of Finikia. These old wineries have been converted into homes that are not your typical Cycladic stonewash white but rather are painted in ochre, blue and pink, and provide a beautiful contrast against the dark blue background of the Aegean. Walk the cobblestone streets, take a rest in the courtyard of St Matrona, with its huge palm tree, and taste the local delicacies in the area’s tavernas.

Explore the Castelli of Emporio

Emporio Santorini is one of the most beautiful traditional villages in Greece. Along with nearby Pyrgos, it’s one of the most fascinating villages in Santorini, a medieval village almost untouched by tourism. A world away from the caldera villages of Fira and Oia, this is what Santorini was like before it was discovered.The old village is full of classic Cycladic architecture, a tangle of narrow streets and alleyways.There is a line of eight windmills – in varying states of ruin – on Gavrilos Hill, to the south of the village.

The medieval capital

The commanding conical rock of Skaros, visible from the settlements of Fira and Imerovigli, is situated 330m above sea level. Here you will discover the medieval capital of Santorini. And within the Venetian castle, you will find houses, temples and the former residences of the nobility. Climb to the top and the entire panorama of the caldera – from Oia to Fira – unfolds before you.

Koloumbos beach

Koloumbos beach is ranked among Santorini’s’ best beaches for mainly two reasons. The first reason is that it forms one of the Island’s longest beaches. Due to its extremely big length, the beach provides a truly quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It is important to mention that, even during the pick of the summer season, Koloumbos beach remains a quiet resort. The second reason that makes this beach an interesting place is that, due to its size and isolated atmosphere, is a preferable bay for nudists. The bay’s terrain has black pebbles while the surrounding rocks provide a sense of privacy. Visitors can enjoy swimming in deep blue and clean waters.

Visit the Lighthouse of Akrotiri

There is an old Lighthouse located on the southern tip of Santorini. From here you can enjoy incredible views of the caldera. This view is completely different from those seen from other touristic parts of this island. Make sure you include this place in Santorini’s travel Itinerary.

Spot for Cliff jump at Ammoudi Bay

If you are a thrill-seeker visiting Santorini, there is something for you as well. There is a beautiful cliff jumping spot at Ammoudi Bay. This bay has clear turquoise waterssurrounded by hidden rocks. So, find the ideal location and dive into this beautiful clear water. This isa very interesting swimming point. It is also one of the very few located inside Santorini’s caldera offering stunning views of the volcano. If your adventurous spirit is on, don’t forget, after diving, to swim to the tiny island of Saint Nicolas, and explore the small chapel that it is carved into the rocks. When you finishswimming, you can always make a stop at the taverns lying by the sea at the bay of Ammoudi and enjoy fresh fish and seafood. Tip: When you reach Amoudi Bay the cliff jumping area is notvisible. You will have to pass through the taverns, follow a dirt road for a few meters and turn at the end of it. Therefore, enjoy this adrenaline experience like neverbefore.